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Learn how to create a drop in Hub in minutes.

What is Hub?

Holaplex Hub (”Hub”), a product by Holaplex, provides a collection of loosely coupled microservices which make it easy to launch NFT campaigns, mint digital collectibles, run loyalty programs, and more through whitelabel interfaces and robust developer APIs.

Create a Hub account

Create an account here:


Create an Organization

When you first log into Hub, you'll be prompted to create an organization. You'll be awarded 1,000 credits to get your organization started.

Invite team members

You can invite team members to your organization on the Members tab.

We're still configuring Hub's email server. For now, please use the Invite Link (found in the kebab menu) after adding an invitee's email address.

Join an Organization

If you've received an invite link, click to either create an account or sign in, after which you'll automatically be added to that organization.


Create a Project

Each organization can have one or more projects. We think of projects as a way to organize our campaigns and ideas.

Click on Projects on the sidebar, click on Create project, add a relevant name and logo, and click create.

A treasury wallet will be automatically created for each new project. All members of the organization will have access to its projects.

For a more detailed description of creating a project, please check out our step-by-step guide.


Create a Drop

Drops are where the magic happens. Each "drop" is a collection of limited edition NFTs to be minted, numbered from 1 to N, where N is the maximum supply for the drop you've chosen.

To create a drop, first select a project where the drop should live. From the project page, click Create drop. Follow the prompts to enter metadata and upload assets for your drop, specify a royalty structure, and specify a start and end time for minting.

As always, if you get stuck, you can check out this detailed guide on creating drops.

Mint Drops

Once a drop is created, the possibilities for minting are endless. Take a look at our starter repos to spin up a sample mint page or an NFT scavenger hunt.

To incorporate minting into your own application, use the Hub API. For example, a request via this GraphQL mutation will mint an NFT into a specified wallet:

mutation MintNft($input: MintDropInput!) {
mintEdition(input: $input) {
collectionMint {

Here's a detailed guide on minting drops.

Creating a Customer & Wallet

Creating a wallet on Holaplex Hub involves two main steps: creating a customer and creating a wallet for that customer. The GraphQL mutations required for these steps are shown in the code snippet below →

mutation CreateCustomer($input: CreateCustomerInput!) {
createCustomer(input: $input) {
customer {

mutation CreateCustomerWallet($input: CreateCustomerWalletInput!) {
createCustomerWallet(input: $input) {
wallet {

Here's a detailed guide on creating a customer and wallet.

Thanks for reading through the Quickstart! If you have questions, please reach out to us at