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Holaplex Hub (”Hub”), a product by Holaplex, provides a collection of loosely coupled microservices which make it easy to launch NFT campaigns, mint digital collectibles, run loyalty programs, and more through whitelabel interfaces and robust developer APIs.

What is Hub?

Hub is an end-to-end cross-chain enterprise-grade solution for digital assets & NFTs.

Combining a year of experience working with Fortune 500 companies & big brands, we've isolated & amplified the factors that made users stick to a Web3 platform & eliminated the friction that made users leave.

Thus, we've made sure that the NFT experience is smoother than ever before!

Why use Hub?

Smoothest NFT Experience

For experiences built on the Hub, users don't have to worry about -

  • Installing a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Storing that seed phrase in a careful location
  • Going to an exchange to buy the appropriate cryptocurrency
  • Sending that cryptocurrency to their new wallet
  • Thinking about what they're doing with their life while going through all these steps only to claim a free NFT

Easily saving 15 minutes of time, experiences built on the Hub are designed to be as easy & familiar as Web2 experiences. Users can sign up via an Email login, claim an NFT or buy one using their credit cards, and once they're ready, they can take these assets out to their own wallet.

Pretty cool, right? But that's not all.

Intuitive GUI & tools

The Hub has been designed keeping everyone in mind, not just developers. Although developers can leverage the Hub's SDK and APIs to build their own custom NFT experiences, you can do that too through The Hub's no-code interface!

No knowledge of programming is required. Whether you're a marketing manager in a big company, or a small business owner just dipping your toes in Web3, The Hub's intuitive interface is fairly simple and allows you set up your NFT campaigns in minutes.

Built for all to build

We believe that NFTs are going to be a part of business very soon. Not every small business owner or early-stage founder can afford to hire teams of Web3 developers to manage & launch their NFT campaigns, but now, there's no need to worry.

The Hub aims to empower everyone with best-in-class tools to create & manage top-notch experiences with digital assets so that anyone can →

  • Increase their customer engagement
  • Increase their revenue
  • Reward customer loyalty
  • Track advanced customer metrics

And much more! While the Hub has an extended list of features, what you can do & what you can build with the Hub has infinite possibilities.