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Hub is powered by a credits system. This is different from most web3 applications which require users to hold native cryptocurrencies to perform actions. This design choice is intentional because it reduces the complexities for organizations across their accounting, compliance, and legal departments which have differing requirements regarding the custody of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Free Tier

Hub is free for everyone to use and is the best way to begin building user-friendly applications on Solana and EVM chains. Every new organization is gifted 10,000 credits to get started, enough to create 100 wallets and mint 2,000 compressed NFTs!

  • If you are a developer, getting started with blockchain...
  • If you are creating a POAP for your next event...
  • If you are looking for an open-source project to contribute to...

...Hub is for you.

Credit Schedule, updated August 9 2023

1 credit = $0.0012

  • Volume Discounts are available
  • Other chains are supported, please contact us

Other Tiers + Managed Hosting

For growing businesses, experienced web3 native teams, brands, and enterprises ready to build state-of-the-art applications taking advantage of new web3 technologies, we have additional tiers with improved support channels, managed instances, and more. Please contact sales so we can create a plan best suited for your needs.


Holaplex is dedicated to open-source development. All of our services have been publicly available since Day 1 and are licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0, promoting transparency and community collaboration. Fork at your leisure.